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Currency $ Price 24h % Change T. Supply Market cap. C. Supply
Bitcoin btc $ 65450.00 -522.96548924481 21M 1.3T 19.7M
Ethereum eth $ 2954.40 -58.351906737681 120.1M 354.4B 120.1M
Tether usdt $ 1.00 -0.00060907052757519 111.2B 111.2B 111.2B
BNB bnb $ 570.30 -16.313153470029 153.9M 87.6B 153.9M
Solana sol $ 159.84 5.65 576.2M 71.8B 448.8M

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Hugo Quirinus

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Boris Finnian


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Neela Delbert


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